10 Strange Feline Species – Weirdest Looking Cats Breeds in the World

Minskin’s – Short legs, no hair ©Kittentoob

Cats are one of man best friends – second placed by dogs, of course. We, humans, domesticated cats more than 10,000 years ago, and according to Wikipedia, there are somewhere between 200 million to 600 million cats in the world. Truth is, no one knows the exact amount for sure, but there are plenty of them. Leading them to have an enormous variety of breeds – Nevertheless, they have not ceased to do strange sleeping positions, to be honest.

International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA), has officially recognized 73 cat breeds. And some of them, are very strange. So for this moment forget about the felines and canines debate, and enjoy this list of the 10 most bizarre cat breeds in the World.

Anatolian– A cat of Big Ears, and Blue Eyes

Anatolian– A cat of big ears, and blue eyes

The Anatolian cat is originally from Thailand and is distinguished from other breeds by its white hair and eyes that look like diamonds. It is a rare breed of cats that has existed for several hundred years. These cats can have either blue or golden beautiful eyes.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtail
© Wikipedia

Japanese bobtail is one of the strangest cat breeds in Japan and Southeast Asia. This bizarre feline is born with a rabbit tail, and some of them even jump like rabbits instead of running. Japanese bobtails are well known and have been popular in Japan for centuries; they are mentioned in folklore and art.

American Curl

American curl cats
American curl

American Curls are like any other cat in mannerisms –except for one thing– the unusual shape of their ears. In kittens, their ears are twisted to the back until they are about four months old. Then they stop growing and remain the same for the rest of their lives.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat

Like the American Curl, the Scottish Fold cat got its name because of the shape of its ears. It looks as like it has no ears at all. This is especially noticeable in the background of its large round eyes. Their ears look normal at birth and begin to fold after 21 days. Most Scottish Fold cats have short, silky hair. They are mostly friendly, affectionate cats and get along well with other animals.

Snow Shu

Snow shu

Even though they have existed for just 53 years, snow-shu’s are quite rare because of the harshness to breed them.

Snow-shu’s are usually gentle, with a soft character and affectionate. They like to be in the company of people and, being pets, and get along well with children and domesticated animals.

Persian Cats – A Terrier Kind of Cat

type of cats
Persian cats – A terrier kind of cat

Cars vs. Dogs. It has always and will always be the same. Persian cats are larger than average in size, and they have a particular look familiar to their domestic counterparts, the Boston terriers, with well-balanced bodies and a pleasant soothing face. They have a big round head, small ears, and a relatively short tail. Their name refers to Persia, the former name of Iran, where similar cats origin from. The breed was usually short-faced, but over time this feature was exaggerated, particularly in North America.

Ukrainian Levkoy’s – Cats That Don’t Shed

Ukrainian Levkoy’s – Cats that don’t shed

One could argue that Ukrainian Levkov’s looks a lot like dogs too. They have ears twisted inside and short hair to no hair at all. Having certain similarities with the Sphinx, they are medium in size with a long body, while with the same muscularity and thinness. Ukrainian Levkoy is somewhat a new breed, first appeared in 2004.

Minskin’s – Short Legs, No Hair

Minskin’s – Short legs, no hair

It is one of the strangest breeds, known as the “dwarf breed.” It is a cross between munchkins and sphinxes. They look like very small sphinxes, with the same coat color. This is a rather new breed.



Munchkin looks like a regular house cat except for their short legs. They are usually playful, social with people and have a pleasant character and intelligence that share with people. Their short legs don’t keep them from running and jumping at high speeds.

Sphinx’s – Cats With No Hair

Sphinx’s – Cats with no hair

Sphynx, or Canadian Hairless –probably one of the most famous breeds of cats with a strange appearance. Like their counter partners Levkoy’s and Minskin’s, these hairless cats are born without any fur. Depending on your point of view, the breed may have either an exotic or frightening look. They tend to have wrinkles on the skin that are difficult to spot. Due to their thickness, their skin is often compared to warm suede.


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